Explore the magic of our bubble tea gift set

Discover the perfect present for drink enthusiasts of all ages with our bubble tea gift set, a curated collection that promises to delight and surprise. Each set is packed with a variety of flavours, allowing recipients to explore the rich and diverse world of bubble tea from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or new to the bubble tea scene, our bubble tea gift set offers a unique and thoughtful way to enjoy this beloved beverage.

Following the delightful introduction to our bubble tea gift set, we offer the perfect companion to extend your bubble tea exploration: our Refill Kits. These kits are thoughtfully designed to include everything you need to create four large, delectable bubble tea drinks, ensuring your journey with this beloved beverage doesn't end. Accompanied by a handy recipe sheet, the preparation process is not only straightforward but also thoroughly enjoyable. Simply add boiling water, ice, and milk (or a suitable alternative for the milk-based teas). Crafted to complement our Cup & Straw Set perfectly, these Refill Kits transform the art of making bubble tea at home into an effortless delight.

To further enhance your bubble tea experience, our range of accessories offers something for everyone, from the novice to the connoisseur. With aromatic Air Fresheners to infuse your space with delightful scents, an Ice Tray for crafting perfectly chilled drinks, a durable Metal Straw Set for an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastics, and stylish Tea Cups for serving your creations with elegance, each item is designed to complement your bubble tea-making and drinking moments. These accessories add an extra layer of joy and convenience, making every sip an occasion to savour.

We also place immense importance on the use of high-quality ingredients. This commitment ensures that each bubble tea not only captivates with its appearance but also delights the palate with premium taste in every sip. By sourcing the finest ingredients, we guarantee an exceptional bubble tea experience, setting a new standard for flavour and quality.

This steadfast dedication to quality has solidified our standing within the industry, earning us a reputation for excellence and innovation in the bubble tea market. Esteemed by enthusiasts and newcomers alike, our commitment to superior taste and ingredient integrity has garnered widespread acclaim. This recognition is a testament to our passion for delivering an unparalleled bubble tea experience, reinforcing our position as leaders in the field.

This accolade-rich journey underscores our unwavering commitment to exceeding the expectations of our discerning customers, inviting you to partake in the ultimate bubble tea experience. Join us in savouring the distinct pleasure that only comes from a beverage crafted with a dedication to excellence and a flair for innovation.
Bubble tea gift set

Hear from our delighted bubble tea gift set recipients

Can't find better bubble tea kits anywhere else in my opinion! Got my big Christmas preorder in perfect time and I placed another order for refills on Thursday which arrived today (Saturday). 100% my go to for any bubble tea cravings I have 🤩


Ordered a Christmas box as gift for my daughter, it was ordered 5th November, understanding it was a preorder and wouldn't be despatched until December. I did get a bit worried initially as time was going on and there were no updates but I did receive my order yesterday, slight delay from royal mail but happy it arrived before Christmas.

Thought the boxes were presented nicely.


As a Christmas present for our son, I pre ordered the Christmas Mixed Fruit Mega bundle in November and it arrived mid December. He has had 2 of them today and has loved them. The instructions are very easy to follow and makes excellent Bubble tea. And he loves the Panda cup and straw.

Fantastic company and product's. Over the Moon with this purchase.

Thank you very much


Exemplary customer service: Tailoring your bubble tea gift set journey

Our customer service team is renowned for their friendly, approachable manner, always on standby to assist with any queries or concerns. This dedication to exceptional customer service ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone exploring our bubble tea gift sets.

Building on this ethos of warmth and approachability, we place great value on your time, ensuring our team is committed to providing quick and efficient responses. This dedication to efficiency guarantees your satisfaction and promotes a hassle-free experience with our bubble tea gift set services.

Furthermore, our commitment to delivering exceptional service extends to personalised assistance, tailored to suit the unique tastes and needs of each customer, whether you're a seasoned bubble tea connoisseur or a newcomer. Our team's expertise ensures that every interaction enriches your bubble tea gift set experience, making it truly memorable.
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Begin your bubble tea gift set journey today

Dive into the delightful world of bubble tea with Bubble Panda's exquisite bubble tea gift set solutions, thoughtfully curated to bring joy and exploration to your doorstep. Whether gifting a loved one or treating yourself, our sets promise an unparalleled journey through the rich flavours and vibrant culture of bubble tea.

For any questions or assistance in selecting the perfect gift set, please reach out to us at Our dedicated team is on hand to ensure your bubble tea gift set experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, from selection to sipping.

Embark on a flavourful adventure that promises to delight with every sip. Let us guide you to a world where taste and tradition meet, ensuring a memorable experience with every bubble tea gift set.

Bubble tea present pack

Discover the features that make our bubble tea gift sets special

In a world where every gift tells a story, our bubble tea gift sets stand out as a testament to creativity, quality, and cultural richness. Merging the delightful essence of bubble tea with the joy of giving, we bridge the gap between tradition and innovation. This fusion not only showcases our commitment to excellence but also introduces a whole new level of enjoyment and discovery for those eager to explore the vibrant world of bubble tea.

  • Exquisite ingredients for unmatched flavour: We pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, guaranteeing that every cup included in our bubble tea gift sets offers a truly luxurious experience. Our extensive range of flavours, enriched with unique British twists like rhubarb and elderflower, distinctively sets us apart, ensuring an unparalleled taste adventure.
  • Inclusive delights for all to enjoy: Our commitment to inclusivity shines through our vegan-friendly bubble tea gift sets, ensuring all ingredients are free from animal products. This thoughtful approach allows vegans and those with dietary restrictions to delight in our bubble tea, making every sip a joyous and guilt-free experience.
  • Pushing the boundaries of taste exploration: Our dedication to innovative flavour exploration means we're constantly experimenting with new and exciting combinations, aiming to tantalise your taste buds and breathe new life into the bubble tea experience. This relentless pursuit of innovation ensures that each bubble tea gift set offers a fresh and thrilling journey, inviting you to explore the uncharted territories of taste.
  • Sustainability at the core of our creations: Our eco-conscious approach is deeply embedded in our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint, with every element of our bubble tea gift sets designed to reflect this commitment. By revamping our packaging to be fully recyclable and opting for containers made from recycled plastic, we ensure that our love for bubble tea goes hand in hand with our green philosophy, promoting sustainability in every sip.
  • Creating a community through constant innovation: Bubble Panda is dedicated to more than just selling bubble tea; we're about fostering a vibrant community of bubble tea enthusiasts. Our commitment to continual evolution means that with every sip, you're part of an exciting, ever-improving journey, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience with every bubble tea gift set.
  • Events made extra memorable: Choosing our bubble tea for your events adds a special touch that makes every gathering unforgettable. It’s the perfect way to ensure your parties and celebrations stand out.

Our journey is shaped by a passion for quality, innovation, and community. Each step we take is aimed at enhancing your bubble tea experience, ensuring every gift set brings joy and discovery into your life.

Embrace the ease of bubble tea delight with free delivery

Indulge in the luxury of bubble tea with the added convenience of free tracked delivery across the UK on all orders over £25. This service ensures that your favourite bubble tea gift sets are delivered directly to your doorstep, hassle-free and without additional cost, making your indulgence even sweeter.

Should you have any queries or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Our dedicated team is always here to help, ensuring your experience is seamless and enjoyable from start to finish.

Unlock the joy of bubble tea right from the comfort of your home. With our commitment to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction, your next bubble tea adventure is just an order away.

Bubble tea gift package

FAQs: Everything you need to know about our bubble tea gift set services

What makes our bubble tea gift set services unique?

Our bubble tea gift set services stand out due to our unparalleled focus on quality, variety, and sustainability. Each set is thoughtfully curated to include a wide range of premium ingredients and unique flavours, offering a bespoke experience tailored to the tastes and preferences of the recipient. Furthermore, our eco-conscious approach ensures that every bubble tea gift set not only delights the senses but also aligns with our commitment to protecting the environment, making each sip a responsible pleasure.

How do our bubble tea gift set services enhance your gifting experience?

Our bubble tea gift set services elevate the gifting experience by offering a unique and thoughtful way to share the joy of bubble tea with friends and family. Each set is beautifully packaged and filled with a variety of flavours and accessories, making it not just a gift, but a memorable experience waiting to be unveiled. With the added convenience of customisation options and free UK delivery, choosing the perfect bubble tea gift set becomes an effortless and enjoyable part of celebrating special moments.

What benefits do our eco-friendly bubble tea gift set services offer?

Our eco-friendly bubble tea gift set services offer the dual benefits of indulging in your favourite beverage while making a positive impact on the environment. By utilising sustainable packaging and responsibly sourced ingredients, each gift set not only delivers an exceptional taste experience but also supports our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. This approach ensures that gifting a bubble tea set is not only a delight for the recipient but also a step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

How do we ensure the quality of our bubble tea gift set services?

We ensure the quality of our bubble tea gift set services by meticulously selecting only the finest ingredients and maintaining strict quality control throughout the preparation process. Each gift set is assembled with care, ensuring that every component, from the teas to the toppings, meets our high standards for taste and freshness. Our dedication to excellence means that when you choose our bubble tea gift set, you're gifting an experience that's not only unique but also unmatched in quality, guaranteed to impress and delight.

What sets our customer service apart in the bubble tea gift set industry?

Our customer service in the bubble tea gift set industry is distinguished by its personalised, attentive approach, ensuring every customer feels heard and valued. We pride ourselves on offering quick, efficient responses and tailored recommendations, making your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. This dedication to excellence and personalised service means that every interaction with our bubble tea gift set services is positive, reinforcing our commitment to not just meet, but exceed your expectations.

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