10 things I love about bubble tea

10 things I love about bubble tea

1. It’s delicious 

First and foremost, I’ve got to talk about the taste! With two styles to choose from – creamy, silky smooth milk tea or fresh, juicy fruit tea – it caters to all palates. So whatever I’m in the mood for, I can always turn to bubble tea and it never fails to disappoint. It’s packed with flavour, from the familiar tea base to the yummy toppings. 

2. The toppings

Talking of toppings – wow! Think fruity bubbles that pop in your mouth, distinctive chewy tapioca pearls and soft fruit jelly shapes. These make bubble tea bubble tea.  

3. Cooking tapioca 

If you’ve opted for tapioca pearls then these require cooking. When I say cooking, there is not much culinary skill required, I promise. The tapioca pearls are boiled in a pan and rinsed with cold water, so no chefs were harmed in the making of tapioca! I think this adds another layer to the uniqueness of bubble tea. 

4. Trying new flavours 

With a huge range of interesting flavours to get your taste buds tingling, why not try something new? From exotic fruits to summer berries, rose to matcha, candy floss to rhubarb, there’s so many tastes to explore. I mean, who has actually tried a dragon fruit or guava? Not me, but I have in my bubble tea! 

5. Easy to make

Bubble tea is super easy to make. You start by brewing the tea – well we all know how to do that, then mixing with fruit syrup or powder, cooling it down with ice and adding the topping. It’s as simple as that. It’s a fun activity for all the family to get involved with and beats making a normal cup of tea any day! 

6. Looks a picture 

Now it’s not all about looks, don’t judge a book by its cover and all that but bubble tea is definitely up there in the looks department and there is nothing else like it. With rainbow colours, small balls at the bottom and a fat straw, it certainly stands out from the crowd. So get your cameras to the ready, as this is definitely a photo you’ll want to post! 

7. Serve hot or cold

Whilst traditionally bubble tea is served cold with plenty of ice, why not switch it up and try a hot bubble tea? So instead of reaching for a hot chocolate this winter, I’ll be serving up a hot caramel milk bubble tea with chocolate tapioca pearls. Plus, you can still indulge by adding whipped cream on top! 

8. The origins

Shout out to Taiwan! I love that this worldwide phenomenon originated from a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. So whilst I don’t know many facts about Taiwan, I’ll keep this one up my sleeve! 

9. Treat yourself 

Bubble tea is certainly a treat and something a bit different to brighten up your day. It’s great for Dry January, BBQs, kids parties or just something to ‘have in’ for when you need a sweet hit. Some of my friends still haven’t tried bubble tea (really?!) so I love to bring it out for a girls’ night in, it’s a real showstopper!   

10. It’s trending 

Bubble tea has really taken off over recent years and I can totally see why. There are bubble tea shops popping (excuse the pun!) up all over our highstreets. So if you want to be down with the kids and impress your mates on socials, then grab yourself a bubble tea. 

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