How to throw the perfect bubble tea party

How to throw the perfect bubble tea party

Choose a theme 

There’s nothing like a theme to bring a party together. Why not match the theme to your bubble tea kit? Think hula skirts and flower garlands for a tropical beach party or bring out the bunting and teapots for a sophisticated garden party. 

Ice, ice baby 

No one wants lukewarm bubble tea so you will need plenty of ice. We recommend two good handfuls of ice (approximately 6 large cubes) per drink for cooling down the mixture plus extra to serve. It’s probably worth buying a big bag or two of ice or doing some stockpiling of ice cubes a few days before. 

Get involved or get prepared 

Making bubble tea is a super fun activity for all ages and a great party ice breaker.  However, to save time you could prepare the bubble tea (minus the topping) and keep it in the fridge until it is ready to be served. To serve, just add your topping and top up the cup with ice. On the subject of toppings, if your kit contains tapioca pearls it is probably best to cook these beforehand. Click here to see our step by step guide. Once cooled, they can be stored at room temperature for up to 4 hours. 

Accessories are the word 

Don’t forget your bubble tea accessories! To drink bubble tea as it was intended, you need a fat straw to lap up those delicious toppings as they won’t fit through a standard straw. Plus, if you want to look like a real bubble tea aficionado then go for bubble tea cups to showcase these colourful drinks. Click here to see our full range of accessories. 

Cake of course 

A party isn’t a party without cake! So choose to follow the theme, compliment the bubble tea with similar fruity flavours or go all out bubble tea with something like a bright green matcha cake. It’s a sure way to get some likes from your guests. 

Large parties 

If you are looking to host a large party or event then please get in touch with us to discuss bespoke packages. 

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